Jana Coolen
Rendering of Jan Stam cabinet with jewelry by Lisa Walker, 2010
Image Courtesy of: Caroline Van Hoek

Caroline Van Hoek presenting Jon Stam & Lisa Walker

Caroline Van Hoek Contemporary Art Jewelry presents unique jewelry pieces by Lisa Walker in collaboration with Chicks on Speed with a Curiosity Cabinet by Jon Stam.

Lisa Walker’s radical jewelry is continuously pushing the borders of the accepted and expected. She is engaged in projects with fellow artists, has published several books and catalogues and is shown in museums and collections worldwide. Walker has solo pieces and pieces in collaboration with Chicks on Speed. Each work is unique.

Throughout the Renaissance, totemic objects - representative of god and man - were displayed in ‘curiosity cabinets’ as an index of their proprietors’ view of the world. The cabinet designed by Jon Stam borrows the structure of the cabinets of the past, but frames a contemporary context instead. Since we are no longer concerned with the dichotomy of nature and art, but the duality of the material and the virtual, this cabinet brings together both physical and digital space in one archival system. In total, there are sixteen drawers for physical objects, and sixteen boxes with embedded memory for digital information. Curiosity Cabinet for collectors by Jon Stam is produced in an edition of 8. Digital content fitted individually.