GRAFT for Stilwerk Limited Edition
Carbon fibre reinforced plastic
3.00 x 1.20 x 0.75m
Photography Courtesy of: Stilwerk Limited Edition

Stilwerk Limited Edition presenting GRAFT

In May 2010, Stilwerk opened the first Stilwerk Limited Edition Design Gallery in Hamburg; acting as a design platform where architects, product designers and interior designers create items for prestigious furniture manufacturers, exclusive prototypes and special limited editions. Stilwerk Limited Edition Design Gallery is committed to featuring these rare and valuable pieces in international exhibitions, along with additional cultural events and trend shows. The gallery is in alignment with the evolution of Stilwerk’s thoughts: “Art and design are continuously merging closer together, hence it is imperative to participate in this development and shape its future," remarks the owner of Stilwerk, Alexander Garbe.

The first exhibition of Stilwerk Limited Edition Design Gallery is dedicated to the architects GRAFT from Berlin. On behalf of Stilwerk, GRAFT has specifically created an exclusive design item: a dining table with a sonorously suitable name, “Phantom," which is available in a limited edition.

The first Stilwerk Limited Edition Design Gallery is located at the company headquarters of Stilwerk, in the Hamburg design centre adjacent to the Elbe. The gallery will be moving into a spacious, bathed in light, stark white exhibition space on the seventh floor of Hamburg’s Stilwerk overlooking the rooftops of the Hanseatic city.